Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition Project

very simple and easy to navigate, yet very professional

July 17, 2010

The Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition (PPSC), a program of the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association, approached us to build a website. PPSC represents a contingent that has been primarily volunteer and is currently evolving into being recognized as a mainstream professional skill and service. A big step toward this professional recognition is that Peer Support is now a Medicaid billable service.

We were tasked to build a website that would be:

The website went live in July, 2010 and one of the first responses we received was "I love the format…very simple and easy to navigate, yet very professional."

We hit the mark. How did we do it?

Listen to the client

Initial meetings with the client are a critical part of the process. With many years of experience, MasseyNet knows that in the end, no one knows the service better than the client, and we listen.

Know your audience

When asked "who is your audience", the client often answers – everyone. We may all like to think that what we have to offer is of value to everyone, but if we try to please everyone, in the end the intention is often watered down and we are not serving our core constituency.

MasseyNet will create two or three personas representing the constituency. For instance, a person who will visit the site knowing what he or she needs; a person who will visit the site to learn about the organization and what they have to offer; and, funders and potential funders.

Define the site architecture and create content before designing

Often clients want to decide the decorations before the plan for the site has been developed.

To begin, create the architecture, or outline of the site, define how the sections will link or relate to each other and then start filling in the content.

Don't make me think!

Once you have architecture and content, the design of the site will become apparent and fall into place. The first rule of design – Don't make me think! The look and feel should immediately create an emotional response that lets the visitor know where they are and what to expect.

Read more Don't Make Me Think, A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug.

Maintain standards

There are standards and protocol for the construction of a website just as there are for the construction of a physical building. Work with a website developer who knows the standards and follows them. MasseyNet builds websites following web standards and accessibly guidelines.

Hire professionals

If you want your site to look professional and address the needs of your intended audience, hire a professional. Hit the mark.

Are you ready for your website to hit the mark?

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