What we know about Girl Scouts

Girls love their cellphones - and musicals!

September 17, 2008

The mandate fueling our project at Girls Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania was to reach Girls Scouts where they live. We know that girls in high school today were born in the age of the Internet and are online. We recommended the first step be to reach out to Girl Scouts through an online survey.

Any marketing person will tell you that a 5% response rate on a survey is considered very good with a reasonable expectation that it will be less.

MasseyNet.com, Inc. always works to maximum potential and occasionally goes beyond. We wanted to go beyond. We went beyond for the Girls Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. We had a 26% response rate. Yes, twenty-six percent.

How did we do that? We clearly defined our audience and expectations before we started to design the survey.

We invested in procuring a contact list of girls who fit the description of our target audience. We also developed a contact list of Troop Leaders and reached out to them and asked them to encourage the girls to participate.

We developed a survey that we felt confident addressed our target audience. Next we presented it to a focus group from the target audience for their input before finalizing.

Why did we succeed? We knew our audience. We clearly defined our goals. We developed a survey that the girls could complete quickly while providing opportunities to comment. We tested the survey.

The girls loved it. We succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.

What do we know about Girls Scouts? They love musicals (92.3%), they have their own cellphones (92.9%), and you might find them on Facebook (63.7%) and much, much more.

Are you ready for a survey that will succeed beyond your expectations?

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