West Virginia Fire Safety Resource e-Guide now available Online

More people die in fires in West Virginia than in almost any other state. It doesn't have to happen.

October 1, 2007

The West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office developed a Fire Safety guide and was exploring ways to tailor it to the disability and aging community as well as produce it in a format that would be accessible for people with disabilities.

While searching for a solution, including producing and providing Braille copies of the guide, Carol Nolte, DSFM for WV Fire Marshal's Office Public Education Division consulted with Mountain State Center for Independent Living (MTSTCIL), a client of MasseyNet.com, Inc.

Acting upon the advice of MTSTCIL, Carol contacted Nancy Massey and discussed ways to provide the guide to as many West Virginians as possible, including people requiring accessible formats.

Nancy suggested that the guide be edited and expanded to be an online resource built to be projected in a live classroom as well as an online training tool for individuals.

MasseyNet.com, Inc. edited the existing guide and expanded the training materials to include information specific to people with disabilities related to Fire Safety and Prevention; Smoke Alarms; Home Escape Planning; and, related online Resources. The expanded version was titled West Virginia Fire Safety Resource e-Guide.

MTSTCIL offered to host the guide on their website www.mtstcil.org, and include it as part of their online skills training for people with disabilities. By providing the e-Guide in accessible format on the Internet, there was no need to produce costly Braille or large print versions of the e-Guide.

When asked about the e-Guide, Carol Nolte of the WV Fire Marshal's Office said, "Nancy Massey exceeded our expectations for this project."

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