National Constitution Center Project

Nancy Massey of, Inc. was contracted by the National Constitution Center to act as their chief information officer to provide a broad base of technology-centric services during concept, design, construction and opening of this technology driven national institution. We are available to work with your business to provide similar services as a start up service or to review current installations for upgrade and integration.

Project Overview

After providing consulting and IT support for over ten years, Nancy was asked to serve as the Vice President of Technology for the National Constitution Center museum from 2001 until post-opeing in 2004 - through design and build of the museum. The National Constitution Center is a 160,000 square feet building with more than 100 interactive and multimedia exhibits, theater, offices for over 100 staff and public space. The museum is located on the historic Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA.

Software Solutions

During this exciting project, we assessed needs and selected the over sixteen proprietary software solutions required to run this institution. We researched and recommended the software that is used to support live ticket sales through both their ticket office and website. We then selected and integrated their ticket sales solution, financial software and membership software. This enables the museum to immediately recognize members, their membership levels and status and provide free museum access and discounts on store purchases. The integration also includes live feeds to LED signs in the main hall of the museum. We were responsible for install, setup and trainings for all systems.

Content Management System (CMS)

We researched, recommended and assisted with the implementation of the software system that manages the publication of content (CMS) to their website. Later, we integrated their CMS in order to pull from the same content published on the website and display it in their physical space as part of exhibits and information kiosks throughout the museum.

Network and Security

We were responsible for the design, purchase and implementation of their server farm, information security systems, all desktops, peripherals and related equipment and software as well as the design and construction of the physical area where the servers reside.


We were contracted to select and manage the installation and implementation of their telecommunications equipment which includes a call center used for tickets sales for both general museum as well as special exhibit and event sales., Inc.