Many years ago I went into business on my own. I was incredibly young and naive and believed I could change the world, or at the very least, leave it in better condition than how I found it. That wonderful idealist and, yes, sometimes naive person, still lives inside me. I protect and nurture her at all costs because I don't ever want to lose her. And yes, I have grown up a lot since then. [Learn more about Nancy Massey.]

In large part I think that these beliefs brought me to the world of technology and its seemingly unlimited potential. And today I feel as passionately about the Internet and websites as I did in 1994. My core beliefs also drive my business focus - relationships. All the well done and/or socially responsible successful projects I have worked on have been based on solid relationships with the client.

You can read more on this site to learn about some of those projects and clients. But this section is about me and my experiences, insights, beliefs and opinions as they relate to technology and its uses. And who knows where else the muse will lead.

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