Musings: Color, evoking emotion

With cultural differences in mind, the color violet and its shades of purple are strongly associated with religion, royalty and the mysteries. It is also a good color to use as part of a color palette for a children's site. But know that in Europe it is the color associated with mourning and death.


Purple is often used during Lent because it is associated with mourning in Europe. Jesus wore a purple robe with his crown of thorns (Mark 15:17 [New International Version]).


People wearing thick velvet purple robes and capes and a crown. Royalty in its finery.


The New Age culture has usurped this color and most pagan sites use it as one of the colors in its design, if not the primary color. It is also a color of mourning in Europe. With this in mind, it is a color to be used with caution.


In reading the last paragraph, you understand that we took a leap of faith in using shades of purple and violet on the MasseyNet site. For those who have known me since the early days of website development, you know me as the Web Empress. It was a comment made in jest that has stuck with me. And as serious as I am about the work that I do and the websites we build, I use the color purple as part of the design in the current version of this site to show the human side of technology.

-Nancy Massey

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