Musings: Color, evoking emotion

Red is a very powerful color evoking the emotions of fear and danger in most western applications. Exchange the black for white in this design and the Chinese believe the combination will bring great good luck.

Power and Danger

Red as the color of power appears as the cloak of the Cardinal in Catholicism, Coca-Cola and the power of caffeine, the power of the Red Cross to appear in times of danger and need to offer relief.


Superpowers have become a part of our lives. Starting with Superman and his red cape to the Incredibles with their red super-suits.

The Lady in Red

Red is often used to represent sexuality in the western culture and is used to represent all levels of passion from romance through erotica.

Detroit Red Wings

Wearing red jerseys and black t-shirts, big, strong and bold, the Detroit Red Wings burst from the box full of power and determination to win.


Stop: the light is red. Stop: Danger ahead. Stop: Look both ways before crossing.


If we change the combination of red and black to red and green, we would evoke a completely different emotion. The power of colors.

-Nancy Massey

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