Musings: Color, evoking emotion

If your site is geared to fun, children and a good deal, include the color orange to bring a smile to the face of your visitors.

Ghoulish Fun

When I see the color orange my first thought is not of the fruit, but Halloween. Pumpkin decorations and Halloween costumes. A time of great fun when everyone has a chance to dress up as their alter-ego and eat way too many treats. My inner-child is smiling and thinking about who she wants to dress as this Halloween.


To me, orange also represents another time in fall, Thanksgiving. Most of the pretty pastels of spring and summer are gone and the colors of fall are gourds, cornucopias, pumpkins and the richer colors representing the harvest and a time to give thanks.

A Bargain

On the commercial side, orange is often used to promote or sell products from the lower end of the price scale and is an especially effective color when selling food products. A nutritional and refreshing drink. A juicy sweet fruit.

-Nancy Massey

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