Musings: Color, evoking emotion

When viewing these light shades of green and yellow, immediately I think of children running, playing and laughing and squealing in glee. The games are of their imagination and we either feel childlike joy or pleasant memories of our childhood.

Childishly Gleeful

These pale greens and yellows are immediately evocative of children and will not be confused with professional or other adult related content.

If an adult is looking for solutions for a child, these colors would alert an adult that they have found something of interest to or for children.


Cartoons that come to mind are Yellow Power Ranger, Yellow Submarine, Toontown, Yellow Brick Road and Old Yeller.

Other associations with the use of yellow and green

Yellow as Deception

In western culture a coward is yellow bellied and relates to thievery, or someone not to be trusted, such as a liar.

Green as Go

Green means go. Go: the green of the traffic light. Go: we have the green light to move on this project. Go: Ready, set - go!

Going Green

Green as the symbol of 'going green' and 'being green' starting with the fundamental shift in thinking of The Greening of America and today as the color of energy efficient appliances, equipment, buildings, sustainability and roof-top gardens.

-Nancy Massey

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