Musings: Color, evoking emotion

Brown is the color of reliability, dependability and the permanence of our earth.


Brown represents a down-to-earth, practical, approachable, friendly and stable person or environment. Those who are down-to-earth tend to be supportive, reliable, protective, and sincere.


As a commercial application, UPS represents a reliable delivery service. No flash or pazazz, but steady on-time service. Other services may try to lure you away with their promises, but UPS, by using the color brown, is telling us that they are not a flash in the pan. UPS will be there when you need them.

Army Camouflage

The brown and tan camouflage is obviously intended for use in desert and other areas bereft of vegetation as a means for the soldier to blend in with the environment, like a chameleon. It represents that help is on the way.

Recently I have noticed brown as a primary color in advertisements encouraging people to enlist in the service. Brown - solid, reliable. You can count on us to take care of you and pay for your education. Brown.

Clothing and Toys

Brown is a masculine color and often used for boys and their toys. Men wear brown clothing to appear masculine and women wear brown suits to appear authoritative, or more like a man.

-Nancy Massey

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