Musings: Does your web presence communicate your brand?

Your web presence is a reflection of who you are and what you do; your purpose or reason for being as an organization or business.

Why have a web presence? To provide a space where potential clients / customers / donors / media can learn more about you.

The content, or written information, of your website should clearly state who you are, what you do and who will benefit from your services. Equally important, a web presence is a visual presence; an opportunity to establish or grow your brand.

An example

A board member of the Women's MBA Network approached us about redesigning their current website. They were ready to upgrade their web presence.

website redesign

We followed all the steps of website redesign: we reviewed their current website, identified content available for use on the updated version of the website, and identified what content needed to be developed. Next, we held several focus groups in order to develop a strategic plan, including brand, for moving forward.

Image development

During our focus groups I discovered that they had hired a professional photographer for several of their events. After spending time reviewing the photos, we compiled a group of shots that represented them as a diverse group of professional women, as women learning during professional development events, as 'friendly' women or approachable women, and a group shot from an event.

With these photos, we created and incorporated a text logo 'Wmn'. Today professional women communicate primarily via email or texting. In their communications with each other, I discovered the board members were using 'WMN', a text abbreviation for 'women', as a natural shorthand for the name of the group as well as a descriptor of who they are.

Keeping it real

The photographs are real photographs of real women who have participated in the organization's events - a perfect brand. The logo builds on their brand of who they are in the language of the times - Wmn.

Using available resources, we created a powerful image that speaks to who they are, what they have to offer and who will benefit.

-Nancy Massey, August 2008

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