Successful Consulting: Itís About Building Relationships

There is no doubt I was born to be a consultant. I started asking questions by the time I was two years old, and I haven't stopped. No matter the client or project I am naturally curious and instantly immerse myself in the organization. In listening to what the client and staff tell me, I experience the established goal from many perspectives, and create a plan.

At the end of my first consulting project, my client wrote me a letter of thanks. In it, my client revealed that they had worked with several other consultants who had looked at their management issues strategically and offered suggestions and solutions, but I was the first who stayed with them to implement the solutions and deliver on the goals. By being a part of the implementation process, I was able to make adjustments as the project unfolded. I knew I had found my niche, and have continued to start strategically and operate tactically through many types of projects and industries.

I do my best for my clients when I am working with people amongst whom there is mutual respect, clear communication and open dialog. And connectedness; when we all take great pride in our work, believe we are accomplishing something that has meaning and purpose, and from a foundation built on trust.

My clients have ranged from small non-profits to Fortune 500's. I have helped my clients in engagements lasting from a few weeks to 16 years, collaborating with them on everything from local awareness campaigns to nationwide, multi-million dollar fundraisers. The thing that I have found to be true with all of my clients is that success is a union of dedicated staff, a clear vision, well-defined goals, and integrated technology, marketing, membership/development, and financial objectives.

I would enjoy the opportunity to talk to you about your organization's goals and needs. I am here when you need me.

Nancy Massey, President,, Inc., Inc.
1500 Locust Street, Ste 3020, Philadelphia, PA 19102