Marketing and the Power of Social Media: Connecting the World

Years ago, I was working with a client to select a technology solution that would support both the design side and business side of a professional business. After the technology had been identified, selected, purchased and implemented I was asked to train all staff in the home office and satellite offices.

I was in the San Diego satellite office and went along with two of their professional staff for a presentation to a potential client that they had been chasing for almost a year. It was a disaster. I did my best to save it, and was able to maintain a relationship with the potential client, but could not save the project for my client.

We all learned from it and for the first time I took an active role in creating a marketing plan and campaign and wrote contract templates for all the different types of project work they offered.

Marketing and promotional tools have grown with the Internet and today Social Media is a mainstay in most marketing plans and campaigns.

Coming from a technical perspective, I have enjoyed working with clients to strategize, design and implement marketing campaigns from creating membership databases to Facebook and other social media campaigns. With the power of social media, advocacy that used to take months or even years to get traction can go viral in minutes through the power of social media. Problem with a product? One tweet can go around the world before day’s end.

I am particularly pleased with a marketing campaign that we developed recently with Mountain State Centers for Independent Living in West Virginia. Through a partnership with a tristate area mall, Huntington Mall, Mountain State held the first Abilities Fair in the area in 2014. It was such a success; we are doing it again this year, and have added a Job Fair as the first day of the Abilities Fair. The Job Fair is targeted for any employer in the area as well as employers with specialized employment opportunities available for people with disabilities. Through this partnership we started a campaign at the beginning of the year, Bring Your Shoes!, a fundraising campaign for Mountain State. All new and gently used shoes donated are purchased by an organization that pays Mountain State by the pound for the shoes and sends the shoes to emerging nations. The shoes are used to start shoe sale micro-businesses. The shoes are also provided to micro-businesses who melt down rubber soles to make new shoes.

The power of Social Media: Connecting the world.

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